Sleep-7 Neural Refresh 30-Nights

30 Chewable Tablets

Cool Mint Flavor

Sleep-7 Neural Refresh 30-Nights

  • Utilizing the best in sleep science to provide you the supplements you need to sleep better and sleep deeper. Sleep-7 Neural Refresh is a non habit forming supplement that benefits your natural sleep cycle.


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*Legally we can’t make any medical claims.  The above information is for informational purposes only so consumers can do their own due diligence and make an informed decision in deciding what is best for their health.  Neural Refresh has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent a disease.  

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Tammy M.

As a digital design lead for a Fortune 500 company and an overall busy lady I had a hard time at night shutting my mind off to sleep. The great tasting Sleep-7 Neural Refresh mints allowed me to relax and fall comfortably to sleep and sleep consistently for 7 hours even after the most challenging of days. I’d wake up in the morning refreshed without a sleep hangover. I literally was awake and ready to go because the quality of sleep I got the night before. Great product! Would highly recommend!!!!

Carrie L.

Sleep-7 Neural Refresh helped me get the best night sleep in a long time.  Love it.

Michelle P.

I have suffered with sleep issues for years.  I love the quality of sleep and how I feel in the morning after taking
Sleep-7 Neural Refresh.

Taunya M.

I have been suffering from some medical issues and could not simply relax and fall asleep until I tried Sleep-7 Neural Refresh.  It is amazing how much sleeping well helps in the recovery process.   I can’t thank you enough.

Nancy P.

I have struggled sleeping for years and have tried all types of products and was skeptical about Sleep-7 Neural Refresh at first.  It took just one night of taking two mints and I am a believer.  I don’t understand what’s in it, I just know it works.

Shellie W. 

I have used many sleep aids over the years. I have used OTC medications and even prescribed medications without much success. In addition, there were many side effects that I did not like. I started Sleep-7 mints and I not only was able to sleep, but I also woke up the next day without feeling drugged out. This sleeping mint is great for my health. 

Caprese W. 

I am a 15-year-old girl who has ADHD. I have had a hard time settling down at night. My nurse practitioners have given me medications to help me at night, but I still am awake and do not feel well in the morning. These Sleep-7 mints have helped me sleep at night and feel better the next day. 

Steven Warren, MD

The feedback I am getting from patients using Sleep-7 Neural Refresh are simply off the charts.  Anyone that wants a better night sleep should be consistently taking it.

Get 30 tablets for $50
($7.95 Shipping & Handling)