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Sleep Deeper
Sleep Better
Stay Asleep

  • Natural Sleep Aid

  • Safe to Take Nightly      

  • Fall back Asleep Faster*

  • Non-Habit Forming

  • Easy to Adjust Dosing

  • Effective Against Jet Lag* 

  • Easy-to-Use Dissolving Tablet

  • No Threat of Overdose*

Cool Mint Flavor

30 Chewable Tablets

$7.95 Shipping & Handling

Get 30 tablets for $50
($7.95 Shipping & Handling)

Our Sleep Secret

Utilizing the best in sleep science to provide you the supplements you need to sleep better and sleep deeper. Sleep-7 Neural Refresh is a non habit forming supplement that benefits your natural sleep cycle.


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My Intellibed© said I improved my sleep score from 73 to 93 within three days of using Sleep-7 Neural Refresh…I also slept for 9 ½ hours for the first time in 20 years

Steve Hammer

$7.95 Shipping & Handling

The Following are Reviews from Actual Neural Refresh Users 

As a digital design lead for a Fortune 500 company and an overall busy lady I had a hard time at night shutting my mind off to sleep. The great tasting Sleep-7 Neural Refresh mints allowed me to relax and fall comfortably to sleep and sleep consistently for 7 hours even after the most challenging of days. I’d wake up in the morning refreshed without a sleep hangover. I literally was awake and ready to go because the quality of sleep I got the night before. Great product! Would highly recommend!!!!

Tammy M.

Sleep-7 Neural Refresh helped me get the best night sleep in a long time.  Love it.

Carrie L.

I have suffered with sleep issues for years.  I love the quality of sleep and how I feel in the morning after taking Sleep-7 Neural Refresh.

Michelle P.

I have been suffering from some medical issues and could not simply relax and fall asleep until I tried Sleep-7 Neural Refresh.  It is amazing how much sleeping well helps in the recovery process.   I can’t thank you enough.

Taunya M.

I have struggled sleeping for years and have tried all types of products and was skeptical about Sleep-7 Neural Refresh at first.  It took just one night of taking two mints and I am a believer.  I don’t understand what’s in it, I just know it works.

Nancy P.

I have used many sleep aids over the years. I have used OTC medications and even prescribed medications without much success. In addition, there were many side effects that I did not like. I started Sleep-7 mints and I not only was able to sleep, but I also woke up the next day without feeling drugged out. This sleeping mint is great for my health. 

Shellie W. 

I am a 15-year-old girl who has ADHD. I have had a hard time settling down at night. My nurse practitioners have given me medications to help me at night, but I still am awake and do not feel well in the morning. Sleep-7 mints have helped me sleep at night and feel better the next day. 

Caprese W. 


The feedback I am getting from patients using Sleep-7 Neural Refresh are simply off the charts.  Anyone that wants a better night sleep should be consistently taking it.

Steven Warren, MD

Get 30 tablets for $50
($7.95 Shipping & Handling)


Get the Deep Restful Night Sleep You Deserve 

30 Chewable Tablets

Cool Mint Flavor

$7.95 Shipping & Handling

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